On the 24th of September, the whole South Africa will be celebrating the culture and diversity of every individuals in our beautiful. Why can’t we do the same for our hair?

Treating and styling your hair is about much more than your hair – we tend to mark a big change in our lives by colouring or chopping off our hair or chipping it off, hide those grey roots when we’re are not ready to admit to the world that we’re are getting old, or straightening our hair each morning to feel beautiful.




In the spirit of Heritage Day, we want to challenge you to be your most authentic self and embrace your natural hair this September. Who knows – maybe you will end up liking it even more than the pretty hair pictures you see in magazines?

Not convinced yet? Here are 5 reasons why you should embrace your natural hair:

  1. You’ll save loads of time

No more getting up early to wash, blow dry, treat and straighten your hair.

  1. You’ll save loads of money

Have you ever added up how much money you spend on hair products that does not embrace the natural state of your hair every month?

  1. Heat damage will be a thing of the past

Heat damage can cause your hair to be curly in some places, and straight in others. After a while of embracing your natural hair, that damage will be replaced, and your hair will be healthier than ever before!

  1. You are not alone

There are plenty of products, gurus and stylists who will be able to guide you through your journey of embracing your natural hair.

  1. You’ll learn from it

Embracing your natural hair is about more than just hair. This change in mindset may help you realize that there are other things in your life that you keep changing and upgrading, which is actually better left just YOU.